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Types of Printing

         Printing Printing Printing

When it comes to printing, we can not afford to be casual about the quality of output. Here are some most used techniques used by the invitation card printers . It can help you decide the type of result you want for your wedding cards.

Thermo-graphy - A pocket-friendly method which involves mixing ink with a special powder and applying some amount of heat, it outputs in a subtly raised and painted on effect on cards.

Engraving - An old technique in which the paper is pressed between a inked plate and a metal plate, creating raised inked letters , they are punched upward from the underside of the card.

Letterpress - A popular style for classic and modern invitations alike in which text and graphics are indented into thick paper using a metal plate.

Foil Stamping - A process in which metallic foil, is pressed onto the paper, creating a rich effect.

Digital - A flat printing style using a high-quality digital printer. This technique is a very popular option due to its price-effectiveness and speedy turn around time. Offset Printing - Offset printing is similar to digital printing, the output quality is higher. It's a great pocket-friendly printing method that works well with most designs.

3 tips to select perfect colors for wedding invitation cards

      wedding Card Printing1. Have Your Priorities In Mind Venue is the biggest choice you make for your wedding day, there are other details to consider which might come before choosing colors too. If you've always dreamt of having your wedding in purple theme, then you should probably use purple as a main point for your wedding color selection.

2. Fix the Mood
Wedding colors also help create a vibe for your marriage day. If you want theme of drama, then a dark or jewel tone colors would be suitable for you, something like ruby red and black or gold, would be a suitable choice than, light color.

3. Don't Over think It
It is easy to get caught up in the idea that you have an strict wedding theme. Early in planning process, you will probably get asked, “What are your colors?" lot by close friends and family members, that could put you in pressure of pick the “Right" color.

          wedding Card Printing  wedding Card Printing  wedding Card Printing

Create an Impression with Designer Wedding Cards
Indian wedding is a gala affair, which has lots of excitement, fun, emotions, cheerful music, delicious dishes and lots more. Every wedding looks exclusive in itself, but the common emotions remain similar . People are more thoughtful about minute elements of wedding.
The wedding planning is more about synchronizations. People are becoming more particular and demanding where the different aspects of wedding preparations are concerned. One of the important concern is Indian wedding card, which is the first impression of any wedding. People now are more specific about how they come up with a first and foremost impression of wedding in a form of an invitation card.

For such creative conscious people their exists exquisite Designer wedding cards which are capable of leaving an elegant first impression with the perfect combination of graceful design and precisely well written and meaningful words. 

It can be richly textured handcrafted designer card or a card which has a decorative accessory to amplify its beauty and its appearance, be it a delightfully embossed design or be it a unique manner in which a marriage symbol is put on, the variety of designer cards give a tough time to the people in deciding which design they should opt for. A designer card is called designer because it has uniqueness to offer. It is more of customized sort wedding card, which caters to any individual’s tailor-made requirement.
Have you seen a scroll wedding invitation, which is basically on rich cotton or silk fabric, or wonderful material textured handcrafted paper in between of two wooden rods wrapped in a gorgeous lace with tassels hanging on its edge with a matching box to place the invitation scroll reminding you of messages of an ancient time? How fabulous that looks in comparison of a simple flat invitation card. Won’t you agree? One can go also go for embossed designer cards or a screen on silk or foil stamping.

The selection of paper is the most important element in creating a graceful designer wedding card. There are ample of options in embroidered papers, which are woven by using beautiful wool, cotton, or rayon threads. With the growing fame of exclusive theme based weddings now people want a designer wedding card which will be replicating with their themes.

It doesn’t matter how modern and trendy India becomes, traditional themes find their way to return, to the people its evergreen. There still exist few artists who inherited the art of making handmade designer cards from their great ancestors who can design royal wedding cards for the elite class. If in case budget is no concern of yours and you want some lavishness on the wedding card then you can ask the rare artist who are mastermind of designing such wedding cards. Choices are limitless and occasion is special so why not to send an invitation card which would be a peek of your imagination and which would speak your heart out letting everyone know how much this once in a life time occasion means to you.  

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